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You cannot fully experience Varanasi without gliding through the waters of the Ganga. 

Some say the majesty of the Ganga is best appreciated as the sun is rising and setting. In the morning you can experience the red sun rising in the east, shining on pilgrims as they start their bathing rituals. In the evening you can experience Ganga Aarti, a gorgeous choreographed fire ritual offered every evening at Main Ghat.

How much does a boat ride on the Ganges cost?

The prices are as follows for our fleet of traditional rowboats. Please note that a 1.5 to 2 hour ride is recommended, and trip prices can be broken into 30-minute increments.  *Please note that these rates may be subject to change based on availability and weather conditions*


  • 1 passenger = 250 Indian rupees (INR)/hour
  • 2 passengers = 400 INR/hour
  • 3 passengers = 500 INR/hour
  • 4 passengers = 600 INR/hour
  • 5 passengers = 700 INR/hour
  • 6 passengers  = 800 INR/hour

Our comfortable motorboat can be rented for 2500 INR/hour. 

*Note: Prices will increase from mid-July to mid-October when the river is higher and the current stronger, as up to 3 boatmen are required for each boat.

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You can find us at Meer Ghat, just 2 ghats north of Main Ghat (Dashashwamedh Ghat), in front of Ganpati Guesthouse and Alka Hotel

Meer Ghat